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Josie Legal and Privacy Info
legal and privacy info

The Josie Show (LLC Company), Josies Country Blast Radio, Country Blast Radio (LLC Company), and Josie Passantino are registered copyrights of BagOfGoodies/Alan Firestone productions and may not be used without permission.

The Josie Show LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, under federal and local employment laws.

1. No information submitted to this website or program is shared with any 3rd party, with the exception of law enforcement or official authority where written request and proof of cause is provided.

2. By calling into the program, you automatically give permission to be recorded and broadcasted on air.

3. It is assumed that anyone under the age of 18 has parental/gaurdian permission to register for the chatrooms, and call in to the program. This is in compliance with United States Laws and the Coppa Act.

4. All recorded media and sound clips are used by;
a: permission of it's copyright holder
b: fair usage under compliance with the digital millenium acts of the United States.

5. Any rebroadcast of any episode of this program, with the exception of clips under 30 seconds, is prohibited by law without the explicit consent of the program and it's team with the exception of embedding the media players located on this website on other sites.
All episodes may be downloaded for personal use only. Any commercial use of the show or website content without permission is subject to penatlies under United States copyright laws.
Exceptions to #5:
  • A. Media player, both multi-episode and single episode, may be embedded on any legal website.
  • B. Interview segments and performance segments may be extracted from shows for use on fan sites providing the interview is complete and not editted in any manner.
  • C. Shout outs and mentions may be extracted for use elsewhere.
  • D. Any extracted segments must be credited to the show and it's website with reciprical link
6. This website uses 3rd party cookies for functionality of applications only. These cookies are stored on the users computer. Any viruses or intrusions are from sources other than this website or it's applications.

7. This program and website holds no responsability or liability for statements or information given by callers or guests on this website. This includes guests of the show.

8. All weekly guests are courtesy of their own management, or selves, and are not compensated for their appearances.

9. Anyone associated with the program or website, or relatives there of, are automatically exempt from contests.

10. This website, program, and it's staff on hand, reserve the right to deny access to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

11. Any impersonation of this program, website, or it's personalities, are subject to liable under the laws of the United States.

12. This program is an independent entity, under direction of it's proprietors. © 2009-2017 The Josie Network, LLCCopyright #W1B4D-9KKRX-0AD67 and #BDQY9-FP3YH-PZAR0 Click HERE for privacy legal, and EOE Info.
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